Beary Much


Product Description

5x7in print with a .375in bleed

$5 for unlimited Boutique Style cards when you print them yourself!

3 Steps to create your own boutique cards:

  1. Print the design on a PRE-CUT 5x7in card stock. Remember to set your printer to a matte paper type and 5×7 size paper. (
  2. (Optional) Insert your paper in the printer with the blank backside up, top of printed design in the printer first. Print the patterned background on the back of your card.
  3. Write a cute message on the back of the card and insert into an envelope! Send with love!
Tip: If your paper is not pre-cut, aligning the backside of the design will be difficult. You can always print the front, trim to sizeof design, and then print the back.